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Meet Your Next Dream Horse

Conformation -Color -Care- Credibility


Rodeo is a competitive equestrian sport that arose out of the working practices of cattle herding in Spain and Mexico, expanding throughout the Americas and to other nations. Rodeo as a sporting event is a rough and tumble sport. Competitive rodeo was born on the wide open rangelands of the West, but through the years it has been transformed into an entertainment package that knows no geographic boundaries. Only trained horses make rodeo champions.

At HPR, we work to keep a prized collection of rodeo horses with registered bloodlines, conformation and popping color. All our horses ride, have great ground manners and popping color. We buy horses we like not horses we think we can sell. See our current rodeo horse inventory below:


Meet "Lil Buddy"

Lil Buddy has been used as a Rodeo Horse by two young boys. Lil Buddy has experience as Used in Breakaway. Heeling. and Ribbon roping. Been trail ridden, goes anywhere. Lil Buddy is very broke but not a deadhead. Lil Buddy is a pro at giving ypunger children confidence on a smaller horse. Our daughter has perfected her saddling with Lil Buddy and horsemanship. Lil Buddy did his job, got Anna started saddling, and now she is off to "biggerr" things.


Skills/Disciplines: Lil Budd is All Around, Athletic, Barrel, Barrel Racing, Calf Roping, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Dressage, Drill Team, Equitation, Foundation, Field Hunter, Finished, Flashy, Gymkhana, Halter, Heading, Heel, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter, Husband Safe, Jumper, Hunter Jumper, Mounted Patrol. Click For More Info!

Sales Price of $3300

With love

Matilda Johnson

Rodeo & Play day Horses



Very Gentle~1D Prospect

FOAL:  2017

BREED:  Quarter Horse  

HEIGHT: 14.3hh 


Job: Barrel Horse

PRICE: $18, 500



Very Gentle~Quick & Fast

FOAL:  2011


HEIGHT: 15.2hh

COLOR:  Sorrel

Job: Cutting Horse

PRICE: $16, 000


Job~1D Prospect, Open

FOAL:  3 years old

BREED:  Quarter Horse  

HEIGHT: 15hh 

COLOR:  Blue Roan

Job: Needs A Job

PRICE: $7, 500

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