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Conformation -Color -Care- Credibility

Meet Your Next Dream Horse

Conformation -Color -Character- Credibility

In essence, trail riding is riding a horse along a trail. ... A trail can be anything from a single narrow cattle-track or a vehicle access road like a fire trail or a dirt track. Generally, trail riding doesn't mean riding along public roads, however, most of our horses have experience riding in Houston streets with cars and urban traffic. We believe a great trail horse should be a solid leader, walk along quietly in the middle of the pack, or bring up the rear without getting out of sorts. A pleasure horse is a privately kept horse maintained for pleasure or casual riding, rather than competition or work. These horses have a job to provide pleasure for the owner.


At HPR, we work to keep a prized collection of proven pleasure horses with registered bloodlines, conformation and popping color. All our horses ride, have great ground manners and popping color. We buy horses we like not horses we think we can sell. See our current trail and pleasure inventory below:

Rover is a joy to ride whether you are a novice or someone looking for a smooth comfortable trail horse or working ranch horse. He will be a good for trail horse competitions, endurance competitions, ranch sorting, team penning, play days, field dog trials, mounted patrol, or as a English prospect. He rides the same way every time whether once a week to once a month. Rover has GREAT conformations, a beautiful solid Red Dun color, with a powerful frame, that could carry the heavier riders, kind eye, good strong neck and powerful shoulders, nice wither, a straight back, straight legs, good hard feet, with wide chest and hips.  Sound, sane, and no vices. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!!!  Please no outside trades or payment plans. Call Matilda today at 832-998-5697 Click For More Info! $7, 500

With love

Matilda Johnson

Trail & Western Pleasure


Very Gentle~Very Well Broke~Family Safe -Rides

FOAL:  2011 

BREED:  American Quarter  

HEIGHT: 16hh 

COLOR:  Red Roan

Job: Trail Rides, Sort Cattle, Ranch

PRICE: $7, 500



Very Gentle~Very Well Broke~Kid Safe -Rides/Drives

FOAL:  2006 

BREED:  Percheron  

HEIGHT: 17.1hh (2, 000 pounds)

COLOR:  Black

Job: Trail Rides

PRICE: $18, 500

Matilda 78.jpg
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