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Meet Inspiration



AGE: 2004 Model "Doc Chico Bars" pedigree

BREED:  Registered American Quarter Horse     

HEIGHT: 15.2hh

COLOR: Sorrel  

PRICE: $3, 500

Inspiration started as a horse for our 7 year (She acquired this horse wehen she was 6). We wanted a mature horse that was calm natured. She never offered to hurt and harm any children. We also allowed other visitng families with children to ride Inspiration. Our daughter has since out grown Inspiration as she has a 17 year old rodeo horese, a pony and a 3 year old Barrel horse. Inspiration spends most of her time in the pasture and hangs out with Anna at the fence line but we dont rider her much anymore and wish to allow anther family to enjoy this beuaty. Inspiration is a big gorgeous mare that anyone will enjoy. She has been ridden on trails, for pleasure, parades, and grand entry's.  She carries herself with a lot of class, showing the characteristics of the American Quarter Horse breed very well. She has typical Quarter horse lines, with a nice walk, the Quarter Horse working spirit. She rides Inpiration will let you open and close gates from her, she has no problem walking across water, down streams, through the thick brush, over fallen trees, up/down/across deep ditches/ravines, in the woods with absolutely no spook. She will stand still while being saddled, unsaddles, and groomed. She stands very well while being clipped, bathed, fly sprayed, and for the vet/farrier. She stand still for mounting (from the ground on a mounting block), and she loads and hauls very well. She is easy to catch, dog/kid friendly, and gets along well with all of our other horses, mares a geldings alike. She is a joy to ride whether you are a novice or someone looking for a smooth ride. Inspiration has GREAT conformations, a beautiful sorrel color, with a powerful frame, that could carry the heavier riders, kind eye, good strong neck and shoulders, nice wither, a straight back, straight legs, good hard feet, with wide chest and hips.  Sound, sane, and no vices. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!!!  Please no outside trades or payment plans. Call Matilda today at 832-998-5697

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